Are You Getting the ‘Effects’ You Want with Your Nail Polish? #Halloween

It's no secret that women love to color their nails and toes with different colors. As much as possible, they change the colors every now and then. They could go from red to green, blue to yellow, polka dots to florals, and even square to pecan shaped nails. 

Unfortunately, sometimes, women don’t get the effects they want with their nail polish – the color isn’t as vibrant as they wish it to be, the polish’s smell is just too strong, it doesn’t blend well with other colors, and so on and so forth - the list could go on forever. 

Most importantly, it's a fact that most nail polish available in the market are filled with chemicals that possibly consist of 30 chemicals - all combined! These harsh chemicals are both bad for the environment, for your nails and health. Now that's scary. 


Get the Halloween effect with SUGARLOOM Cosmetics

This Halloween, dress up your nails with the various inspired looks below. While some nail looks you need extra attention - most there is no need to visit a salon. You can do it yourself! And thankfully, with SUGARLOOM, your nails are now ready to meet your standards and satisfy your cravings for that spot-on nail polish effect this Halloween.

1. Spider Webs - Recreate with 'Licorice' and 'White'.

Source: Syl and Sam


2. Bats - Recreate with 'Sugar Coated' and 'Licorice

Source: Pinterest


4. Mummy Nails - Recreate with 'White' + Tissues 

Source: Peace Love Polish


5. Gothic fingers - Recreate with 'Licorice' + Black Eye Shadow 



6. Evil Eye - Recreate with 'White', 'Moonsand' and 'Wild Cherry



7. Rocky Horror Picture Show Lips - Recreate with 'Licorice', 'Wild Cherry' and 'White

Source: Alicia Torello


8. Candy Corn - Recreate with 'White', 'Orange Peel' and 'Lemon Zest' 


Source: Alicia Torello



Pair our various textured shades with your chic or scary costumes - and be safe. Happy Halloween from SUGARLOOM Cosmetics!  



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