3 Nail Polish Color Tips From SUGARLOOM Cosmetics

It's no secret that the nail polish industry is at its ultimate peak. Women who love to impress can’t do without nail polish - from the girl next door, the girl boss or the girls rocking it in Hollywood! Nowadays, wearing nail polish is equally important as doing our makeup. However, it's a fact that we do care about what kinds of polish we're putting on our nails - we not only want it to last long, we also want to know what ingredients and chemicals are in it. 

While you can choose a wide variety of brands - color is super important. We've narrowed down three helpful tips when choosing the right color and why:

1. "If you’ve got short fingers, you don't want to pick a color that makes your hands look chunky. You'll want to choose colors that make them appear elongated."

2. "Choosing a color based on your skin tone is always 'safe'. You want to complement your skin tone with either a nude, mocha or olive color - and this is a sure way to have a color that goes with absolutely anything you wear!"

3. "Choose a color based on the event or occasion. This is obvious - however, if you’re going to a party, you can choose by instinct, mood or to simply match your outfit. If the color fits, wear it! Choose the right color for a job interview like an earth color or any soft tone."

Keep these great tips in mind for your next big event or your next nail polish shade. Bonus Tip: do not be afraid to experiment! 

photo by Alex Michael May

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