Your Nail Horoscope for January 2016

Happy New Year, babes! Depending on your zodiac sign, SUGARLOOM has recommended the following shades for your January mani depending on what's in the stars for you this month. Read more below: 
Birth Date: March 21st – April 20th
Symbol: The Ram 
Personality Traits: Daring, Aggressive, Dynamic, Extremely Independent 
January 2016 Nail Horoscope: For this month, it's a power month for strategy, research, development, and career, dear Aries, and a lot of it is going on under the hood or behind the scenes (via). You need a color that reflect this and more, so go with a bright or dark shade of red, like Wild Cherry that demands attention and we all know that this shade below is just as dynamic as you are. 
SUGARLOOM Color: Wild Cherry
Birth Date: April 21st – May 11th
Symbol: The Bull
Personality Traits: Artistic, Rebellious, Hard Working, Loving 
January 2016 Nail Horoscope: For this month, don't be a people pleaser - instead of picking a color for a job or a lover, pick a color that you actually really like. There can be the need for entirely new activities in order to bring emotional refreshment to your life this month, so pick a shade you normally wouldn't - like Tart by SUGARLOOM. (via)
Birth Date: May 21st – June 20th
Symbol: The Twin
Personality TraitsRestless, Lovable, Sociable, Fun  
January 2016 Nail Horoscope: For this month, it's a perfect month for building health, improving daily routines, and taking care of business, dear Gemini. Rock a subtle nail shade to add flair, yet stand out. (via)
SUGARLOOM Color: Fuzzy Sweater 
Birth Date: June 22nd – July 22nd
Symbol: The Crab 
Personality Traits: Emotional, Energetic, Loyal, Unpredictable
January 2016 Nail HoroscopeThere is more fire, passion, and motivation to express yourself in unique, special ways, and more courage to chase your heart's desire. Reflect this in your style, including your nail art! (via)
SUGARLOOM Color: Creep
Birth Date: July 23rd – August 2nd 
Symbol: The Lion
Personality Traits: Confident, Headstrong, Outspoken, Determined 
January 2016 Nail HoroscopeSelf-improvement is in strong focus this month - take care of yourself inside and out. Choose nail polish shades that compliment your personal style. (via)
SUGARLOOM Color: Currant
Birth Date: August 23rd – September 23rd 
Symbol The Virgin
Personality Traits: Down-to-Earth, Private, Worrying, Charitable  
January 2016 Nail Horoscope: This is a month for finding ways to more fully enjoy and express yourself, do so through nail art or the latest, hot nail trends. (via)
SUGARLOOM Color: Toasted 
Birth Date: September 24th – October 23rd 
SymbolThe Scales
Personality Traits: Generous, Intellectual, Stylish, Artistic   
January 2016 Nail Horoscope: This is a quiet month for you, Libra. Lay low, work on those projects you've been putting off - this includes you! 
SUGARLOOM Color: Mistletoe

Birth Date: October 24th – November 22nd 
SymbolThe Scorpion
Personality Traits: Passionate,  Secretive, Magnetic, Sexual 
January 2016 Nail Horoscope: T he month ahead of you can be an especially busy and animated one - choose a polish that will last long and for all occasions! 
SUGARLOOM Color: Snowflake Scandal

Birth Date: November 24th – December 21st
Symbol The Centaur
Personality Traits: Honest, Proud, Larger Than Life, Generous
January 2016 Nail Horoscope There can be serious moments this month, dear Sagittarius, particularly related to resources, but all in all, a good month for finding a balance between work and play. Choose a playful nail polish shade to make this oh-so-serious month, a breeze.
SUGARLOOM Color: Caramel

Birth Date: December 22nd – January 20th
SymbolThe Goat
Personality Traits Loving, susceptible, sympathetic, sensual, faithful
January 2016 Nail Horoscope This is a power month, dear Capricorn, which calls for a power color for your January mani - although you will be doing some reassessing of projects and plans before pushing forward. 
SUGARLOOM Color: Bite Me
Birth Date: January 21st – February 19th 
SymbolThe Goat
Personality Traits Flamboyant, sympathetic, unpredictable, intellectual
January 2016 Nail Horoscope This is an excellent month for pursuing your interests without too much in the way of interference, dear Pisces, and is particularly strong for doing new things, learning, and sharing or publishing your ideas.
SUGARLOOM Color: Mocha

Birth Date: February 20th – March 20th 
Symbol The Fish
Personality Traits Loving, sensitive, intuitive, spiritual, idealistic 
January 2016 Nail Horoscope This is an excellent month for pursuing your interests without too much in the way of interference, dear Pisces, and is particularly strong for doing new things, learning, and sharing or publishing your ideas. Choose a nail polish shade you've never tried before. 
SUGARLOOM Color: Bubble Gum
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