8 things to do at home when you're stuck in a blizzard

Hey, Babes! Winter is finally here and if you're like us...you're probably reading this from the comfort of your home, either on the couch - or under the covers. It's a blizzard and the only thing to do now is to stay inside, grab a glass (or 2) of wine and enjoy a little quality time with yourself or a loved one! 

And if you need a little inspiration to make this the ultimate snow party, we have narrowed down 8 things you can do while you're stuck at home in this blizzard! 


8. DIY Spa Day. Three words. Treat Yo Self. You soooo deserve it. Paint your nails, give yourself a facial or have your bae give you a massage. Grab a cup of tea and relax.


7. Netflix & Chill. Have a Netflix marathon today. Watch all the episodes of that trash reality TV show (you secretly love) or watch that movie you've been wanting to since last year! Netflix & Chill, we won't tell. 


6. Workout. This week you've probably double tapped over 40 beautiful physiques and 30 workouts on Instagram, saved 50 healthy recipes on Pinterest, reblogged a 3-day detox plan on Tumblr and then stopped at McDonald's on your lunch break. You don't need a gym! Right now, do a squat challenge, yoga - or if you can't afford to break a sweat...meditate


5. Clean Up. If you find you're self always losing things, not being able to find things or maybe you've been staring at that snickers wrapper on your floor all week...you're apartment is overdue for a cleaning. Well, today is the perfect time to do it - get on it. 


4. Call your parents or an old friend / relative. You're always so busy. You live by text or email, only! Well, 9 times out of 10, your parents, a friend or relative you have not spoken to in a while would love to hear from you. No, not receive an emoji-filled text from you, but to hear your voice. Pick up the phone. 



3. Make a vision board. Feeling stuck? Or, maybe you know you need a change in your life. Make a vision board for next month...gather 5-10 images or write down what you would love to see in your life in February. 


2. Catch up on work (you've been putting off). If you're behind on a project, neglected your blog or just have a lot of work to do...now is the time! Get to it. 


1. Get some extra sleep. Have a hangover from last night or maybe from life? Get some extra z's ... your body will thank you


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