A Modern Girl's Guide To Valentine's Day

In this current 'information' age, many gals can agree that it can be difficult to find true love. Tinder has replaced speed dating, with a single click - you have access to potential dates from all walks of life and thanks to social media, the 'getting to know you period' is eliminated. 

Whether you're currently in a relationship, single, engaged or married - this Valentine's Day remember that taking care of yourself and knowing who you are is the foundation for any and all relationships. You are who you attract.

If you constantly neglect yourself, how are you able to find someone who invests all their time into you? If you're negative, how will you find someone who's positive? If you're not whole, you will only attract another person who's not whole. Yes, two halves, makes a whole - but if the person leaves - you will be left at square one.

This Valentine's Day, treat yourself. Be your own Valentine if you don't have one. Here is a guide to a Valentine's Day - for the modern girl.  


Step 1: Do not stay at home. As much as it may be tempting to order take out and watch Netflix all day. Don't! 


Step 2: Pamper Yourself. Have a DIY pamper day. Get your nails done with your favorite nail polish, get a massage or have your favorite dessert (macaroons, anyone?). 

(via Tanya of instagram.com/fashnfitlife)

Step 3: Get your close friends together and make it a Galentine's Day! Valentine's Day turns into Galentine's Day when you include your close circle of friends. Take it from, Arianna of The Modern Day GF, who shows you how to plan the ultimate Galentine's Day Brunch! Cheers! 

(photos via POPSUGAR & The Modern Day GF)


4. Step 4Stay off social media. It's easy to feel down or FOMO, when your timeline is sure to be bombarded with romantic selfies or other girl's showing off their Valentine's Day gifts. Stay off social media and do your own thing.


5. Step 5: Retail Therapy. Change up your look! Go subtle or extreme. Buy a dress you normally wouldn't wear, change your hair color, get highlights or buy a new lipstick. A little effort always goes a long way.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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