#NailTheRunway: 3 unique nail looks from New York Fashion Week

Another fashion week has come to a close - and while there were many amazing collections and street style - you can't deny that no outfit is complete without having your nails done! While we predicted many of the popular nail trends that you've probably spotted on the runway, we narrowed down 3 unique nail looks from fashion week.


1. The 'Nasty' Manicure. This manicure isn't for everyone (and not our favorite), but the out of the box mastermind(s) behind Hood By Air introduced a new kind of manicure for their presentation. The Nasty Manicure - which is manicure that simply appears to be smudged.

(photo: NYMAG)


2. The Fabric Manicure. This type of manicure will be a textile lover favorite. Grab you favorite pattern and apply to fake nails. We would advise to apply to your natural nails for this particular look.

(photo: The Nailscape)

3. Matching Nails & Lipstick. As seen in VOGUE, a minimalist, yet chic way to make a statement is the match your lipstick shade with your nails as seen via models during MANSUR GAVRIEL and spotted on a stylish fashion week attendee. 

(photos: The Nailscape / Phil Oh/VOGUE)


Which look is your favorite? Leave a comment below!


  • CFLuxeFabBeauty

    Sorry meant to include this in the last comment-the first one I just couldn’t do-I just love a clean look too much, and I think with the second, if you would add a teeny bit of fabric somewhere on the nail but not covering it! But so interesting to see, thanks ladies!!! XOXO

  • CFLuxeFabBeauty

    Love the third, the minimalist-matching lip and nail, an easy look with a pop of color, a minimal matte nude/taupe eye with liner and mascara makes for a fab look!

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