8 Things Only Nail Polish Junkies Understand


You mark on your calendar when a new polish collection is about to hit the stores...and you probably will wake up at 8 AM to buy it too. 

You have every shade of pink nail polish possible: pastel pink, almost pastel pink, hot pink and bright pink. Oh yes, and glittery pink, too. 

Or probably your polish collection doubles every year. If any of these traits sound like you - you are a nail polish junkie. It's OK, there's nothing to be ashamed about as you will probably nod you head to everything on this list - 8 things only nail polish junkies will understand.


8. In your phone, the 'nail polish emoji' basically lives in the 'recently used' box. 

7. You bought a nail polish set because you loved only one particular color. 

6. You don't mind to do your nails anywhere, anytime and anyplace. 

5. Trips to your local drug store mean only one thing: a beauty haul.

4. Your nail polish collection is BIGGER than your local salon. 

3. You bring your own nail polish when you go to the salon. 

2. The stress and anxiety that builds when picking a nail polish shade at the salon. 

1. When a former friend said... 'Wow! That's a lot of money to spend on nail polish' and in that moment you know you couldn't be their friend anymore. #ByeFelicia 




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(main photo: Cornelia Zhang)


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