Do It Yourself: Easy Glitter Nails

It’s almost the weekend and what an even better way to add some sparkle? You've seen it on the runway, on celebs and now it's your turn! Add some glitter to your nails!

What You’ll Need:

  • Cosmetic Grade Glitter Dust (preferably the same color as nail polish)
  • Bond Paper (recommended)
  • Nail Polish 
  • Brush 

Now, here's what to do...


1. Paint about two (2) coats of polish on your nails. 

2. While the polish is wet, dip nail into the glitter pot. (Now, we recommend doing this over bond paper, so that you can catch the excess glitter and put it back in the pot!)

3. Wait for it to dry slightly, then brush off the excess glitter.

  1. Repeat on all your nails - and you're done! (Paint, Dip, Brush, Repeat!)

(all photos: Mia Durano)


5. Here's the final result! We left out one nail to show contrast. 

Like many of you nail art lovers, we're obsessed with glitter nails right now, they are so pretty and perfect for anytime! They add such character to your nail routine? Don’t you think?

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